«Web analytics in sharepoint 2010-api» . «Web analytics in sharepoint 2010-api».

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A static website does not generate HTML using a programming language or interface like Python or PHP. To collect data, you need to copy and paste the global site tag into the source code on every webpage you want to measure.

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Like Olivia, I didn 8767 t know there was an alternative. This information certainly gives me food for thought.

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We recommend using GoSquared alongside Google Analytics for one reason: once your data points are used up, you won’t be able to access your data until the following month. Google Analytics can help you gauge how many data points you’ll need so that you can adjust your account accordingly.

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The goal of a web analytics tool is to make accessing this data without having to read through your online sales records, track down how many times a page has been shared, or count the number of comments on each post. More importantly, the web analytics tool will present you with this data in a far more accurate format than trying to go about it the manual way.

Access and export as much data as you need, whether it’s one or 655 million events.


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I’m a Web Developer/ Front End Developer from NZ, based in France. This quote is taken from my... Google Analytics позволяет измерять рентабельность инвестиций в рекламу, следить за вашими видеороликами, флэш-роликами, а также страницами и приложениями в социальных сетях.