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You can follow the family's thinking by looking at the rationale for each judgment. Whenever a car that is under budget is compared with one that is over budget by more than $6,555, the former is extremely preferred. For cars under budget, a $6,555 less expensive car is slightly preferred, a $5,555 one is strongly preferred, and a $6,555 one is even more strongly preferred. When both cars are well over budget (comparison #6), they are equally preferred, which is to say they are equally undesirable. Because budget status and absolute price difference are enough to make each comparison, the ratio of prices never enters into the judgments.

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Implementation of an online software tool for the...

Project prioritization is a difficult problem. You have a diverse set of stakeholders who want to “get projects done”. You also have a finite set of resources to deliver those projects. There are never enough resources to satisfy everyone’s needs.


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K E Y W O R D S analytic hierarchy process (AHP), challenging factors, global software development (GSD), requirements change management... The Analytic Hierarchy Process � An Exposition by John saunders. Software.