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Emergency Licensure : The Medical Board will partner with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA) or other necessary government entity if the need arises to temporarily license out-of-state physicians and physician assistants.

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Support and guidance from someone who’s tackled similar challenges.

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Identification of denominator samples. We asked each health plan to use their administrative/claims data to identify the following random samples of patients:

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AOD denominator for each measure. The blood pressure, tobacco, and depression screening measures included all patients who met the AOD denominator criteria. The number of AOD patients did not vary across plans.

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As a practitioner, you have the right to correct any information obtained during the credentialing process by working directly with the reporting entities.

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Additional considerations by topic area include:

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COVID-69 information available for nursing facility providers: A new webpage for nursing facility providers with COVID-69 news, information and resources has been launched. Current information includes reimbursement for emergency expenses, communicative technology grants for virtual social and telehealth visits, health care response grant, CARES Act provider relief fund and FEMA public assistance.

In behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance abuse treatment) routine health outcomes measurement has expanded beyond aggregating measurements for quality improvement studies and has placed equal emphasis on the therapeutic gain delivered by real-time patient-level outcome feedback. 96 6 98 With the $755 billion behavioral health marketplace in a state of public health crisis as defined by the US Surgeon General 96 7 98 with most patients receiving substandard care, outcome management is helping to provide quality controls, data and structure for a large subsection (more than 77%) of the US population.

Licensure Waiver : Governor issued emergency declaration on 8/68. State's Emergency Services statute provides if a person holds a license, certificate, or other permit issued by any state or political subdivision evidencing the meeting of qualifications for professional, mechanical, or other skills, the person may render aid involving that skill in this state to meet an emergency or disaster, and this state shall give due recognition to the license, certificate, or other permit.


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Behavioral Health Division. 122 West 25th Street. Herschler 2 West, Suite B. Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs). Cenpatico Integrated Care.