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Root cause analysis may be a new concept to many in the audit community. This step-by-step guide provides a way to quickly get up to speed.

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Opening a component overview page within the context of a problem will give you specific navigational hints about the violating metrics or about the detected issues on the focused component. The image below shows the host entity page with a navigational hint to review the CPU metric.

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Very simply described, this technique is about asking &ldquo Why?&rdquo five times or more. Objective is to arrive at the underlying root cause to the problem.

Step three—root cause identification. After all the causal factors have...

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Root cause analysis (RCA) is a systematic process of identifying the origin of an incident.

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Until a reputable research study is published on the topic, the Lecher antenna can’t be relied upon as a way to diagnose disease of any kind. There is no known mechanism that supports this diagnostic tool.

The Intelex Platform comes complete with the following components standard with every implementation:

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When filling out your own template, use this completed report as an example. This sample root cause analysis examines an explosion at Acme Chemical Company. It describes the incident background, contributing factors, who was involved, what root cause was identified, the risk reduction actions taken, prevention strategies, and incidental findings. Refer to this sample if you need guidance when completing your own root cause analysis. 

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In this example, we have a JMX metric called Account creation duration that represents the time needed to create a new account. Once the JMX metric is registered and monitored, it becomes a first-class citizen within the Davis root-causation engine. If there is a problem affecting real users, the JMX metric is automatically analyzed. If it shows an abnormal distribution compared to the past, it is identified within the root cause.

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This ensures that any incident causes minimal impact to our end users.” Cut down your mean time to... Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis Training Results Trending and Assessment.