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In any case, the view is widespread that what counts is underneath or inside. It is evident in the definition of evolution as change in gene frequencies and the idea that development of traits will eventually be understood in terms of a composite of the influences of DNA variants on the organism. It can also be seen in many other features of discourses around heredity, such as the following:

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This feature is described in the text of chapter 95 Politeness Distinctions in Pronouns by Johannes Helmbrecht cite

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As a sociological, not a logical matter, success in engineering may underwrite theoretical generalizing and both may, in turn, make more plausible any assumed extension to naturally varying populations. Together with further experiments, these pathways may eventually lead to success in re-integration. It could be imagined that the processes exposed in controlled conditions would eventually explain heredity in naturally varying populations. This might happen by researchers identifying the material constituents of the genotype passed to the organism by its parents and then tracing how all these constituents influence the development over time of the organism&rsquo s traits or phenotype perhaps first in controlled conditions, and then in variable ecological situations (see entry on reductionism in biology ). However, there is no guarantee that the original experimental basis for the genotype-phenotype distinction or subsequent developments must lead to effective engineering, theoretical generalization, or likening that clarifies. Indeed, as a sociological not logical matter, pursuing such steps may distract attention from the project of re-integration. Section 5 reviews what would be entailed in reintegration, doing so in order to problematize the status of the original experimentally based distinction as a basis for the study of heredity for natural varying populations. The rest of section 9 points to several areas of philosophical discussions brought into play and extended by experiments followed by the pathways and steps above.

Anisogamy , or the size differences of gametes (sex cells), is the defining feature of the two sexes. By definition, males have small, mobile gametes ( sperm ) females have large and generally immobile gametes ( ova or eggs). 96 66 98 In humans, typical male or female sexual differentiation includes the presence or absence of a Y chromosome , the type of gonads ( ovary or testes ), the balance of sex hormones ( testosterone and estrogen ), the internal reproductive anatomy (. uterus or prostate gland ), and the external genitalia (. penis or vulva ). 96 67 98 96 68 98 People with mixed sex factors are intersex. People whose internal psychological experience differs from their assigned sex are transgender , transsexual , or non-binary. 96 69 98

The current distinction between the terms sex difference versus gender difference has been criticized as misleading and counterproductive. These terms suggest that the behavior of an individual can be partitioned into separate biological and cultural factors. 96 original research? 98 (However, behavioral differences between individuals can be statistically partitioned, as studied by behavioral genetics.) Instead, all behaviors are phenotypes—a complex interweaving of both nature and nurture. 96 97 98

Middle English (in the sense ‘subdivision, category’): via Old French from Latin distinctio(n-), from the verb distinguere (see distinguish ).

In view of this point, in the remainder of this entry we will focus primarily on the epistemological project.

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Gender in the sense of social and behavioral distinctions, according to archaeological evidence, arose "at least by some 85,555 years ago". 96 86 98 More evidence was found as of "76,555 years ago", 96 87 98 at least at the archeological site Dolní Věstonice I and others, in what is now the Czech Republic. 96 88 98 This is during the Upper Paleolithic time period. 96 89 98

Not all aspects of the study of heredity could be made an experimental endeavor through Mendelian methods. There were many traits for which the continuous variation could not be subdivided into discrete phenotypes, let alone linked to genotypes, especially for traits in agriculture of economic interest such as yield of plant and animal varieties or breeds. By the end of the 6965s Ronald Fisher and Sewall Wright had begun to address the need to reconcile the discreteness of genotypes with continuous variation in many observable traits. In the mathematical models of a field that came to be known as quantitative genetics , differences between unobserved theoretical genotypes (in the sense of pairs of genes) at each of a large number of loci contribute to differences in the trait, modulated by degrees of correspondingly theoretical dominance and epistasis. Under the reasonable assumption that more of the genes are shared among relatives than in the population as a whole, data on a given trait as it varies across genealogically defined lines or groups of specified relatedness could be analyzed so as to provide predictions of changes in the average value of the trait in the population under selective breeding. Of course, the trait values and thus the predictions depended on the conditions in which the organisms developed, but in the laboratory and, to varying degrees, in agricultural breeding, conditions could be replicated. For the breeder, the focus of the quantitative genetic data analysis on differences in the trait makes practical sense it is not necessary to know the mechanisms through which the traits developed as organisms reacted to conditions. In other words, the meanings of genotype, phenotype, and their distinction again make sense as an abstraction through practices of control over biological materials and conditions in agricultural and laboratory breeding and the allied use of models and analysis of data.

Il se dit également de Ce qui établit ou indique une différence entre des personnes ou des choses. La distinction des rangs. Les distinctions sociales. Toutes ces distinctions disparurent. Cette distinction n'est qu'apparente.

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