«Oral b ultra floss Stiefel» . «Oral b ultra floss Stiefel».

Oral-B Ultra Thin Black Extra Soft Diş Fırçası

Read and follow product labels for more information. Does not fit Pulsonic, 8D White Battery, Complete Battery, or Pro-Health Battery.

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Helps you start flossing right. Pre-measured strands. Fluffy texture. Oral-B has designed UltraFloss to help make flossing simple and comfortable, from the very first time. UltraFloss comes pre-measured, so you always get just the right length. It is made of unique fluffy material designed to avoid irritation, which stretches thin to glide between the teeth, then springs back to clean away plaque. Used daily, UltraFloss helps your teeth and gums stay healthy.

I was very impressed with Jet service and of course no other floss works like Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Ultra Floss, Mint, 55M. I have used it for years and it has lessen my tarter build up drastically! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Read and follow product labels for more information. Dist. by Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati OH 95757.

Oral-B Diş Fırçası Yedek Başlığı Sensitive Ultra Thin 7 adet

I used to be able to purchase the Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Ultra Floss, Mint, 55 M at any grocery or drug store. Then over a couple of years ago, I couldn t find them any where. I did a search on Jet and hurray, they have them. I have wide spaces between my teeth and this floss is very effective in cleaning. Plus I like the measured spaces between the floss indicating where to cut, I like that there is no floss wasted. Hope they keep this in stock forever I d be very unhappy if this product would disappear again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Το μόνο μειονέκτημα από αυτά τα βουρτσάκια είναι ότι είναι ακριβότερα από τα crossaction και precision clean αλλά ότι πληρώνεις παίρνεις.

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Instructions: Pull one pre-measured 18 in. (45 cm) length of Ultra Floss dental floss and cut at blue... Experience the Oral-B Sensi Ultra-Thin. The gentlest tooth and gum care.